Santana Center Winter Newsletter

Hello and happy 2018 from the Santana Center! We have had an incredibly productive year, and are so excited to share it with all of you!! It has been a while since we have released a newsletter, so this year we have decided to release a quarterly newsletter, which you can sign up for on our NEW and improved website!!
I’d like to start off by welcoming our newest member of the board, Lisa Bridgeman. We met Lisa through a Facebook horse auction page, where we discovered that we were fundraising for the same horse! By working together, we were not only able to save the horse, but also learned that she shared the same passion for horse rescue that we do! The horse that was rescued is Luna, and she will be going to her forever home with Lisa in March. She will also be adopting another one of our horses, Girlfriend, for her daughters. We couldn’t have asked for a better addition to our team, and are so happy to have her working with us.
Our next big announcement is the launch of our new website. We have had the same one for a long time, so we thought it was about time for a makeover! The new site has many new additions, such as a sponsor option, a weekly blog, and an upcoming events calendar. We have also made it possible for people to make donations much more easily with the new site, so PayPal donations can now be made with the click of a button. We are hoping that the new website will help make it easier for people to follow our progress, and continue to spread the word to help further our mission. So head over to and check it out!
You’ll also notice on the new site that we have many new additions to our herd, most of them pulled from kill pens. All of them are incredible horses, who were let down at some point in their lives and sent to auction. Our goal this year is to find safe, forever homes for them and many more. We will continue moving forward with our mission to help save these horses, while at the same time educating horse owners about responsible horse ownership. We also have several events planned for the spring, including a booth at the Horseman’s bazaar in Exeter, RI and a bake sale put on by the Rhode Island 4-H. We are very excited about these events, and hope to continue to add more to the calendar. If interested in volunteering or event planning, please visit the website for our contact info.
All in all we have a great year planned, with lots of projects and hopes of rehoming as many horses as possible. Please remember, we run mostly off of grants and donations, so none of this would be possible if we didn’t have such great followers! Please continue to spread the word, so we can reach more people and continue to expand. We look forward to keeping you updated with our blogs and newsletter, and remember to keep checking back with us for events and new horses. We wish you all the best in 2018!!
Best Regards,

The Santana Center Team