Pooh Bear


About Pooh Bear

This adorable little nugget is Pooh Bear, one of two adorable babies that we have here at the Santana Center. He arrived to us semi-feral, but has made so much progress with clicker training. We think that Pooh is possibly a Quarter Horse or a large pony, but it is hard to tell because every time we look at him, he seems to have grown! Pooh is available for adoption, but ONLY for experienced adopters. He will need lots of time to learn how to trust in people and he will need someone with the patience and the experience to be able to guide him in the right direction. 

BreedUnknown (Possibly Quarter Horse)
AgeApprox. 15 months
ColorLight Bay
Adoption Fee$1,500
UseDriving, Prospect for Any Discipline
Experience Level Necessary Advanced