Local Horses Needing Homes

As much as we would like to, we simply cannot accept every horse that comes our way. There are more horses in need than we have space, and we can only take what we have room for. We have created this page for local horse owners to post their available horses that are free to good homes, so that they can reach a wider network of possible adopters.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Horses listed on this page are not property of the Santana Center, therefore please direct any questions you may have to the owner of the horse.
  • This is not a sale page, please only list horses who are available for adoption free of charge.
  • The Santana Center does not guarantee the accuracy of any descriptions of the horses such as age, temperament, or riding availability. It is the responsibility of the owner and the potential adopter to make arrangements to meet the horse and evaluate their health, temperament, and ability.

If you would like to list your horse on our page:

  • Send us a detailed description of the horse including age, height, color, gender, temperament, and riding ability if applicable.
  • Be sure to include any vaccination and Coggins records in the description.
  • Send photos. Please provide a maximum of 3 clear photos or videos to post with your description.
  • Email your description to the Santana Center at Santanacenter2@gmail.com .
  • Please allow 2-3 business days for your listing to be posted.
  • Provide us with your contact information to list under your description. Make clear how you would like to be contacted, and what is the best way to reach you and at what time (i.e. text message, phone call, or email address). Posts sent with no contact info will not be posted.
  • Exercise caution when evaluating potential adopters!!! It is extremely easy for a free horse to fall into the wrong hands.

A few suggestions when placing your horse:

  • Ask for and follow up with at least 3 references; a personal, professional, and veterinary reference is preferable.
  • Be honest and upfront about any conditions your horse may have, either physical or behavioral. The more honest you are about the horse, the better chance you have of finding him/her the perfect home.
  • Have a contract with a no slaughter clause!!! Be wary of people who hesitate to sign a contract, as this can be a red flag about their intentions. If you do not have a contract, we have provided a template for a general adoption contract
  • Ask for pictures of the property and conduct a site visit if possible. This way you can ensure the horse will have adequate pasture space and shelter. Because horses are social animals, we typically do not adopt out a horse unless there is at least one other horse on the property.
  • Go with your gut and don’t rush to place the horse with just anyone. If someone does not give you a good feeling, then you are under no obligation to adopt the horse to them. Do not let anyone guilt or scare you into giving them your horse.

This page will be updated every 6 months. If your horse is adopted, PLEASE CONTACT US at Santanacenter2@gmail.com to let us know so that we can remove them from the page.