What is something we wish more people understood about horse rescue?

This is a very weighted question and one that we could probably write an encyclopedia length answer to, but here is our answer in a nutshell. When you see a nice story about a horse that was rescued, it gives you all the feels right? You see the before picture of an emaciated, abused horse, and then see the after picture of that horse in its new home. What you don’t see, is the blood, sweat, and tears that went into getting that horse to where it is now. With every new horse that we take in, we make a commitment to that horse that they will never know pain, hunger, or abuse ever again. It is often a slow, costly, rewarding/heartbreaking process, and many nights are spent crying over a horse who looks at you with so much fear in their eyes that you can feel your heart just shatter into pieces. Saving a horse is also an incredibly expensive process, when you start adding up costs of quarantine, feed, vet, and farrier. We don’t always get a lot of support, and many are quick to criticize every decision we make, because that’s not how they would do it. What we wish more people knew, is that our success is a reflection of your efforts as well! The more emotional, financial, and volunteer support we receive from you, the more we can do for these horses. The most rewarding thing you can do is help us get a horse to the point where they are ready for their new home. So please, find a reputable local rescue and do what you can to help. Volunteer, donate, foster, share on social media, and become a part of that rescue family, you wont regret it!