They are rescue

This year I have been getting many questions from potential adopters about our rescue horses, but they are not the “right” questions. We all know the list- the questions you need to ask the seller before you buy a horse. But these are not sale horses- these are horses looking for their forever home. I realize not everyone is familiar with how we get these horses and that they do not come with a known history. Most of them are physically and emotionally bruised and battered. In some cases, we don’t even know what breed the horse is, let alone its birth date. I also don’t think they realize that we don’t have the funds to have a vet check on an apparently healthy horse because they have a scar unless we see something terribly wrong. We will bring in a chiropractor and work out an exercise program to help a horse get back into shape. We do make sure they are up to date on shots, worming, have a negative PCR test and we do behavioral and riding evaluations and try to match up horses with their new families as best we can. We can’t offer show ready horses or guarantees. Some may not be 100% sound but would make great kids ponies. Some can’t be ridden, but have so much love to give. Some need more training and they need to build trust in humans again. Please don’t pass them up because they are not perfect because in someone’s eyes they are perfect.