Going into Winter

This has been harder than I thought- keeping up with all the news. Let me start with the ASPCA Help a Horse Day results where we won our division!!! How incredible is that!! The most amazing result of being involved in this has been all the networking that has gone on. Nicole was able to go to the annual conference in Florida and personally meet people from these rescues and share ideas. She is just super excited about all these new opportunities. We have been able to work with other rescues to plan for the future.  Orchid, our lovely tbred mare is going for a training foster with Horses With Hope up in Maine; Sandy, our recent bail from Moores, is being fostered by a Maryland rescue. These are all the results of people working together for the good of the horses. So thank you ASPCA for helping move us closer together.

New horses coming soon. From the kill pen- the two-year-old filly, currently the star of our name game, the beautiful 10-year-old appendix and the Kid, the cute little pony. And from Moore’s- Sandy and Tiny Tim. Still hoping that Papi gets adopted soon. He is turning out to be a wonderful trail horse and Maddie, our trainer, has been bringing Amigo along. What a transformation he had done- from bucking bronco to his first trail ride yesterday. Willow is just a sweet old gal who needs a loving home to spend her last few years and Rio has gained back enough weight to start riding him again. Magic and Mischief, the adorable hackney ponies, are learning basic skills such as leading. It’s a busy time but to see these horses all flourish gives us the positive energy we need to face up to winter! We could not this without all of your support. Thank you all!!