Catching Up

It’s certainly been a busy summer so far. The ASPCA HelpAHorse Campaign really kept us occupied while we struggled to grow into our new role. Used to only dealing with one or two horses, we suddenly found ourselves dealing with 18 of them!! But with all our new connections, we were able to place 10 of them and still have 8 more at home that are at different levels of training. My most worrisome horse has been Amigo since he is young and I believe, was quickly and crudely trained. But he is turning into a loving horse and we have a trainer working with him once a week. Hopefully he will be ready for adoption soon!! Orchid, Willow and Papi are all rideable and mostly need a little muscle building and refresher work. Misschief and Magic are not running quite so far away when they see people so I guess we are making some progress there. Never a dull day at the Santana Center!!
Please adopt when you can and give these horses a second chance. You have nothing to lose except the $500 adoption fee. We have already done the heavy lifting- the quarantine, the medical, the first evaluations. If it doesn’t work out you can bring them back-we don’t want any horse or person to be in a situation where they are not comfortable. They are so appreciative of being out of the slaughter pipeline. They are all loving and try very hard to be the best they can be.