Clara’s life was full of Angels!!

#203 came to the Santana Center from Moore’s facility in PA early in January 2019. She was underweight with severe rain rot. She went through quarantine where she ate constantly and was a bit aggressive about sharing but Penny Parker took good care of her! We named her Clara as a way to show our appreciation to Clara Rust who donated on her behalf. Stephanie Malin made chocolate pops called Clara pops as a fundraiser for her that Jessica Jacobson sold in MA at her unicorn paint night fundraiser for us. Olga Beach offered to foster her in MA even though she knew she was a bit ornery!! She went to Olga’s facility finally in March. Olga fell in love with her. She clipped her and treated her rain rot, bought her new clothes and started to work her to get her back in shape. She was happy finally on a beautiful piece of property surrounded by love. One day, she just took a deep breath and died. The vet thinks it was an aneurism and it was so fast no one even knew what was happening. She is buried on Olga’s property next to her own beloved horses. She was loved tremendously in those last few months of her life and she knew it. We never know what is going to happen when we bail these horses. We don’t know anything about them- their health, past, why they are there…and we take these chances. We would do it again, even if we knew the outcome. So, this is for Clara and others like her.