It’s been a year!!!

Since 2004, the Santana Center has been ambling along rescuing and placing 1-2 horses per year. Some were dumped at auctions, some were given to us, some the owners just could not deal with anymore. We had never even given a thought to slaughter bound horses and kill pens. That changed last year. One of our board members suggested we look at these horses on the Cranbury Rescue Facebook page. It was not what we thought it would be- there were beautiful horses, young horses, older well-trained horses- it was absolutely heart-breaking. So we jumped in with both feet into this fire!! We have learned so much in a year-a lot of it was not pretty but a lot of it has been a journey into the good of the human spirit. As we started bailing horses, we have met incredibly generous people and people so grateful to have a rescued horse as their forever companion. It’s what keeps us going every week when more horses appear. Since last year, we have been able to rescue 25 horses – Willow, Girlfriend, Orchid, Amigo, Chance, Charlie, Luna, Mac, Tru, Justice, Isabella, Tater, Pilgrim, tiny Tim, Wally, Sandy, Valentino, Mischief, Magic, Lily, Karate Kid, Papi, Misty, Angel, and Kiah. Thirteen have been adopted, 6 are in foster care, 6 remain. We are hoping some of these find their home for Christmas!!! We could not do this without all of you who volunteer, donate, serve on the board, build hay barns, or just give us a pat on the back once in a while. We made a difference in the lives of 25 horses!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Let’s do it again next year!!