August 2019

August 2019
We bailed our first mini-mule yesterday. His name is Frodo. And what do I know about mules or donkeys? Pretty much nothing, except that he is only a year old. We have a lot to learn every day-it never really stops. What have we learned since we started this rescue?
· Horses can heal, both physically and emotionally. Maybe never completely will they trust humans again, but can you blame them?
· It takes time to find the right match between horse and human but it’s critical. It took us 13 years to find the right person for one of our horses! But when it happens it’s magical. Some only require days if they are lucky.
· There are a million opinions. Just believe in yours. But educate yourself.
· There are some really great people out there
· There are some really horrible people out there
· Just love what you do and know that it is enough. Every contribution helps make the world a better place.