Strangled by Strangles

If you do this long enough, one of the things that becomes very clear is that these horses have been stressed and exposed to all sorts of germs in their journey. Our Charley Brown, Chance, Pilgrim, Luna, Misty and Orchid all have gotten strangles. The young ones get very sick- Chance is still trying to fight that and a case of pneumonia. He was so weak when we got him. Thanks to those that arranged his bail and transport and to Val and her crew for taking such good care of him!! And despite our wonderful quarantine and aggressive vet treatment, we are going on 3 months for Pilgrim and Luna to pass their PCR test so they can come home. So be prepared for these expenses- they add up! Hopefully everyone will be healthy and able to travel soon and make it to their forever home!! I guess one thing that rescues really think about is -how do we get these horses BEFORE they get sick?

Amigo is coming along great. He has some real fear issues and it will take some time to earn his trust. He loves it when I sing to him. So far his favorite song is a Thousand years J He is going to be a special horse!!