Time to Breathe!!

Finally all the horses are here and we are slowly making progress with them. They each came with their own interesting characteristics for sure! It is so distressing to see their initial lack of trust- I can’t even begin to imagine what these horses go through as they cycle through sales, auctions and finally land in the kill pen. What were they like before that experience?
So we can’t rush them, even though there is pressure to reduce expenses, have happy endings for them and increase the number of horses that have been adopted. It has to be the right person, the right home and the horse has to be ready. So its time to sit back and just let them progress at the speed they are able and try to catch up on everything else- the broken fencing, the new hay barn, figuring out how to raise funds for the future, and where to put the composted manure!! Maybe just sit back and watch them.
Please spread the word about these horses. They all deserve wonderful homes and they are just waiting for their forever person to come along.