Before You Adopt

Congratulations! You have taken a huge step and decided to add to your family by adopting a new forever equine friend!

Before you begin your search, here are some tips for you to think about as you scroll through and look at our available horses.


What type of horse do you have in mind (energetic, forward, more “whoa than go”?) Do you prefer a mare or gelding, and is there a certain breed or height that you hope to find?


What are your goals for this horse? Is it to be used for riding, competition, trail riding, or companion only? Are you hoping for a green horse with little experience or a more seasoned one?


Have you decided whether you will be boarding your horse or keeping them on your own property? If you are planning on riding your horse, is there an arena or a round pen? If you are planning on keeping the horse at home do you have adequate shelter and pasture/stall space? Does the property have proper fencing? Will there be other horses stabled on the property? Because horses are social animals, we typically will not adopt out a horse unless there is at least one other equine on the property.

Your team:

Do you have a farrier, veterinarian, and a trainer already in place? We recommend having these set up before adopting.

* Note * Please do not apply for a young/green horse unless you have the experience to handle this horse or are working closely with a trainer who can assist with any potential issues.

Please review our adoption contract and make sure that you agree to the terms before filling out an application. A completed application does NOT guarantee the adoption of a horse. Applications are reviewed as they are received, and if more than one is received for the same horse then we will make the decision as to who is the best match for the horse. Please remember that many of our horses come from neglectful pasts, and it is our job to ensure that they will never find themselves in those situations ever again.