December 2019

As we get closer to the end of the year, it has always been my tradition to look back and plan ahead. This has been a year of incredible growth; we have learned so much more about the horse world, both good and bad; we continue to struggle to find our place in it. We met some incredible people and amazing horses. We have a board and volunteers that work tremendously hard; We had our first real fundraiser- the Ride for Rescue, we had a local newspaper feature the rescue; we sold flowers from the garden thanks to Denise and our wonderful mascot Charlotte. We end the year with the sweatshirt fundraiser and Giving Tuesday. And every day, Barbara and other volunteers have shown up rain, snow, mud or sun, to help muck and train and sometimes just sit with the horses. And what have we accomplished? We were able to place 32 horses into their new forever homes! We have 9 more waiting patiently for their turn. We could not have done it without some amazing networks and supporters both inside and outside Rhode Island. Next year? We hope less horses need saving. That the SAFE Act gets passed and we just have to deal with the horses in the pipeline. We hope there is less excess breeding and wild horse roundups; that people can take care of their horses and give them a peaceful end of life when the time comes; that less people look to make money off the backs of animals that have given their all; That every horse feels a little love at the end of the day. We will do our best to be there to make it happen.