Please visit the page for the Santana center fundraiser. We really appreciate the efforts being done on our behalf.

The horses are finally on the move! Luna and Misty should be coming to our facility in the near future. We all tested clean! Pilgrim still has some stuff to clear out of his pouches and he might end up at the hospital for an outpatient procedure. The vet in MD is working with my vet here in RI to make sure he gets the best care possible. Pappy is waiting for an X-ray before he can be moved to a sanctuary for blind horses and we are still waiting for test results on Willow who has been demonstrating some neurological symptoms. Fingers crossed for all of them.

The storm was certainly a bad one but horses made it through unscathed! They all looked like they had not slept in weeks with forelocks and manes all askew in the morning. Amigo was glued to me all day. Luckily only 2 trees came down and those were far away from the barns and slight flooding but we didn’t lose power- not that the horses would care but I did. Can you imagine taking care of these 7 without my coffee!!

Please visit the fundraiser. We really can use the help especially with these medical bills. Hopefully Chance and Charlie can get cleared in the next weeks and all quarantines lifted.