As horse people we certainly understand that word- riding is all about patience- with your horse and with yourself! But patience has taken on a new dimension for us at the Santana Center- it seems like all we do is wait!! We wait to see if they will get sick. We wait to see if the PCR is negative. We wait for the horses to be transported. We wait for people who say they want to adopt and then never reappear. Waiting for Willow’s meds to get here so we can start. Waiting for it to show a difference. We wait to see if that winter storm is going to give us rain or a foot of snow tomorrow night. We wait and wait and wait. And today part of the waiting will be over. Luna and Misty will be here at some point this afternoon! First stop for Luna who will be continuing her journey in two weeks with girlfriend to Michigan!! It’s so great that they will finally be able to travel home. So waiting is just part of the day. Its really nothing compared to the waiting these horses have done to find that loving home.