Saying Goodbye

In two days Luna and Girlfriend will finally get to start their trip to Michigan. Lisa and Hannah are waiting with their breaths held for the arrival of these wonderful girls. I am looking forward to seeing these two go to their forever loving home and cleaning 2 stalls less every day. BUT at the same time, I am crying already. You can’t spend time with these animals without getting deeply attached. Girlfriend has been with me for 6 months. She thinks she is home already. And Luna with her fearful outlook on life is just getting to trust us-that this is the place she will be safe from whatever she keeps running from. How can I explain to them as the trailer rolls in that they are going to a better place? My heart breaks for them – they will think they are just getting shuffled off to another temporary situation. How can I tell them that Lisa and Hannah have been waiting for a very long time- they have waited through strangles and quarantines and transport schedules and a fire that destroyed their home and barn. They have worked so hard to get a new barn built and in place for them. They will have the best life! They will leave with my tears and be greeted with Lisa’s tears. I’ll do my best to tell them, but they will need to figure it out on their own. May we have many more tearful events like this with the others. Please check out the available horses for adoption at