After the last few months of frantic bail, quarantine and adopt activity, it seems like we have hit a lull. We have some really nice horses here but no one is even asking about them or coming to see them. Seriously, Orchid is a huge, muscled gorgeous girl and not even bitchy. She knows her job and yesterday I saw how brilliant she can be when ridden by a confident and easy going rider; Willow is waiting to give her unconditional love to that little child who just needs a best friend; Papi is looking for the trail to start to show off how nice his training once was; M and M (Magic and Mischief) are just curious about the world out there and want to find out everything about everything; Amigo needs some dedicated professional training to deal with his panic about being cinched up – he may be the unplaceable boy after all is said and done. Some things can’t be fixed but we will give him every opportunity to heal. Rio just needs to be left alone until he settles back in, gains his weight back and can be worked again.
I guess we need to find a better way to get information out about the horses because they deserve to find their forever home. They have been through a lot, and are now healthy and ready to give back to the right person and the right home. Rescue horses were not thrown away because they were broken- they were thrown away because people didn’t care or didn’t have other options. Give them a chance!