Thoughts on a rainy day

Hmm… will it ever stop raining? Everything takes so much longer when you have to slush through the mud. And we have a lot of mouths to feed and stalls to clean and volunteers are less likely to drop by to help. Sigh! But really what is stressing me the most is the facebook post we received saying Cranbury Horses are out of time. There are so many left and they are beautiful. Some are so young. And we can’t do anything about it. We don’t have any more room or money or energy. This is the “burnout” we try so hard to avoid. I know I will feel better when the sun is out tomorrow but for tonite I feel like we are not enough, can’t do enough and if only…… This is all countered by the posts by Lisa and family who are enjoying their 2 horses now in Michigan and the little Chance who is growing in leaps and bounds with Izzy; and all the wonderful adoptions I hear about daily. Those stories really make a difference for us. Please keep them coming!!! I need the positive energy especially on these days.